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What are my payment options?

Credit card details must be supplied at the time of booking and are charged when the vehicle is collected. Please advise if you would like to use another payment method. We accept either eftpos or credit card payments, however an authorized credit card must be supplied for the security bond. Please note that full payment plus security bond is required when collecting the vehicle.

Is there a security bond?

The security bond is determined at the time of pick up and varies with the type of vehicle. Once the vehicle is returned, the authorisation is released as per the card issuer’s policy.

Can I choose my vehicle?

We have an extensive fleet of cars, utilities, trucks and buses for hire. Our friendly team is happy to recommend the best vehicle for your job.

Can I make changes to my booking?

Bookings may be altered up to the time of collecting the vehicle, subject to availability. We’re happy to provide a re-quote for any changes.

Is there an age restriction or license requirement?

All drivers must be 21 years old with a valid Australian or International license. A copy of the current license must be supplied for every person driving the vehicle.

Can I hire a child’s car seat with you?

We have a range of baby and booster seats available to hire for a small additional fee.

Does the hire vehicle come with insurance?

All rental vehicles come with standard insurance liability included within the daily rate, however speak to our friendly team about how to add an excess reduction at a reasonable premium.

How many kilometers per day are included?

The rental price per day determines the allowable kilometers per day.

How much are extra kilometers?

Additional kilometers are charged at 28 cents per kilometer for passenger cars and 33c per kilometer for commercial vehicles.

Is there any restriction on where I can travel?

Due to insurances and liability cover, there are some restrictions on where you can drive our hire vehicles; this is specific to your hire agreement. Please chat to our friendly team to find out more.

Is there support if I break down?

Yes. All rental cars have RACQ roadside assistance. The contact number can be found on the vehicle key ring.

Can I extend the rental?

Yes. You can request to extend a car rental, however please give 48-hours notice to avoid disappointment and ensure availability. Extensions may not be possible during peak rental periods.

Can I tow with a rental car?

No. A rental car must not be used to tow or push anything as part of our rental terms and conditions, however utilities, trucks and buses may be fitted with tow bars for this purpose – provided that the unit being towed is within the manufacturers guidelines.

Can I return the rental car after business hours?

Yes, you can return a rental car after business hours. Please arrange a return time prior to drop off.

Can I return a car to another location?

Yes but vehicles must be returned to the depot at 305 INGHAM ROAD, Garbutt for inspection and to finalise all paperwork, unless other arrangements are made at the time of delivery.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

Late returns will incur fees, please advise if you expect a delay in returning the vehicle.

How is the vehicle’s condition assessed?

Our staff conducts vehicle inspections to record faults and damage prior to hiring a vehicle and again on its return. We encourage you to also be involved in this process prior to hiring, however a copy of the condition report will be provided for your reference.
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