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We have an extensive range of trucks to assist you with moving either house or office, transporting large objects, or carting products. Starting at 38 cubic metre, our trucks include a removable pan, tailgate loader and tow bar to complete any size job.

Whether you need a truck to pick up a new furniture suite in Townsville or to move office locations, the team at Independent Rentals has the equipment and knowledge to meet your vehicle needs.

Our Independent Rental team is happy to match you with the most suitable Pantech trucks. Give us a call today.


  • Pantech Furniture Truck = A long way from the original ‘pantechnicon’ vehicles that were horse-drawn, our range of Pantech trucks have a freight hull made from hard panels. Specially made for furniture removal, they are the most convenient way to transport bulky and heavy objects for personal or commercial use.


  • Pantech Furniture Truck – Large = The perfect vehicle for those ‘big jobs’ like moving house or office, our large furniture trucks are on hand to reduce the number of trips and to keep your property safe. Complete with a tailgate loader and tow bar, these vehicles are the most efficient way to transport your largest loads.


  • Flat Bed with Hiab = If you need a vehicle for general freight and pallet transport then a Flat Bed with Hiab is the vehicle for you. A useful addition to our fleet of six-tonne diesel Pantech vehicles, the flatbed is ideal for courier work or construction material transport however is versatile for other types of jobs.


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Flatbed Truck with Hiab

Platform body hyab truck fitted with palfinger pk 9001 eh-a remote control crane, lifting capacity 2350 @ 4m , 1500 @ 5.5m @ 1120 @ 7.8m, tray length 6.2metres, carrying specs 13.4 tonnes, truck fully mine site equipped.